About Us

Our Approach

The objective of the Future Mobility Journal is to provide a comprehensive and well structured source of news, facts, stories and opinions on the future of mobility.

Where we started

Your editors live in an attractive spa town in the west of the UK. We walk everywhere. We walk a lot, regularly hitting the now ubiquitous 10,000 step target.

As we walk we chat. The conversation ranges far and wide. What are we having for dinner, how did our rugby team do on Saturday…?

As we walk we thread our way through parked cars. We stand patiently at junctions, waiting to cross the road as the buses, lorries and commuters whizz past. We swear under our breath as distracted motorists jump pedestrian lights. We cough at the diesel fumes, concerned about the pollution.

The chatting morphs into an exchange of wishes. I wish the cars were quieter. I wish the cars travelled more slowly. I wish they took notice of pedestrians. I wish cyclists had right of way. I wish we had electric robot cars, boy would that make a difference.

“I wish…” turned into “When will…”.

When will cars be powered by electricity. When will there be self-driving cars. When will vehicles be shared. When will the ugly roadsigns be removed. When will we get our town back.

“When will…” turned into “How will…” turned into “But surely…”

Where we ended up

It took quite a few of these rambling discussions before the scale of the change we were imagining struck us. We realised just how much would be different, for individuals, for companies, for local government, for national governments and a lot of other stakeholders. It dawned on us that the use of the word transformation would not be an overstatement.

We were intrigued and investigated further. There was a lot of information on the internet as there always is. It¬†was scattered, it was partial (in both senses), the dots weren’t connected and it was hard work.

So we decided to make our own.

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