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Future Mobility Journal is an independent website focused on the future of transport. FMJ covers autonomous vehicles, driver assistance features, electric cars, the manufacturers, the software designers and the service providers. We explore the technology, the politics, the economics and the social impacts whilst providing the latest updates, details of events, background to the technology, reviews, reference material, links to similar sites and opinion pieces.

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Tipping Points

To the casual observer the introduction of new modes of transport will feel like a steady progression. Our hypothesis is that those paying closer attention will notice the tipping points, where an area reaches a critical mass and drives a period of rapid change.

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The Warchester Clock stands at…


What is the Warchester Clock I hear you ask? Warchester is a made up place and it isn’t really a clock. It doesn’t read twenty five minutes past eight in the evening. Rather it represents a year, in this case 2025 – 8 years from now. It shows the average answer from contributors and interviewees of the FMJ to the question…

By what year do you think Warchester will have a transport service provided by shared autonomous vehicles?

Warchester is a proxy for an average UK town. It isn’t an obvious “mobility as a service” target city like London. Uber will not have it on their “Top 100 Hit List”. On the other hand it is the kind of place a lot of people live and work. It has a a railway station; a bus interchange and established taxi firms. So when transport changes in Warchester it will be a indicator of widespread change everywhere.

Add your opinion and influence the Warchester Clock.